Denby Smith (VIC)
Vvitchvvavve videographer and artist.

Neon Tetra
Medium: Virtual Reality
Description: Neon Tetra itself is an interactive glitch generating machine and represents the final stage in a self-guided journey through an iterative design process. The journey seeks to embody participants within Virtual Environments through exploration of techniques identified as contributing to the generation a sense of presence. Utilising a custom-built gaze detection system as the interactive mode, participants are encouraged to manipulate elements within the environment by sonic or visual feedback, generating configurations unique to individual experiences.
Thematically, problematisation of interiority and exteriority within Virtual Environments is central and exploration of the Cartesian mind-body dilemma features heavily at stages of the journey. By bringing the exterior world into the virtual environment the artist provokes inquiry into what it means to exist Post-Digitally.

Bio: Denby Smith is transmedia artist, currently working primarily with Virtual Environments. Denby has worked generating immersive physical environments within Melbourne’s underground music scene for 20 years, producing sculptural and lighting installations over that time and continues to work as a DJ, VJ and Production Designer at events and festivals. Exploring the nature of ‘being’ in the digital age through Motion Controlled Video Art, Sound Design and Multisensory experience, Denby’s work embodies the Post-Digital aesthetic. Recent collaborative work ‘Starless’ combined Virtual Reality with a Live Score and required participants to navigate physical space without sight. This work sold out over 60 performances over 3 days at Melbourne Music Week 2017 and featured on the front page of ‘Broadsheet’.
Denby Smith Self Poitrait.