Profile. Image Credit: J.Rosenbaum
J. Rosenbaum
Hidden Worlds
Medium - Prints on Paper and Lightbox with Augmented Reality Installation

Hidden Worlds uses Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality to examine gender through the lens of computer vision. These works use a computer trained on Greek and Roman statuary to generate its own which I interpret in my own way. I use another AI to write descriptive content for each work and generated music to create a multi-media interactive installation. Can computers see gender? Without being trained in traditional binary notions of gender what can they produce? And how do we interpret the results?

A Neural Network that has been trained in thousands of images of Greek and Roman statuary attempts to create its own. I then take the output and seek to find the truth inside the computer generated work and reveal that to the viewer. Another Neural Network will look at the works and attempt to write poetry based on what it sees. This is incorporated into a soundscape inside the app. Viewers will see light boxes and watch them come to life inside the app as the computer generated work is transformed and reinterpreted by human eyes and hands. The language will be alien, computer driven showing a collaborative effort between human and machine.

J. Rosenbaum is a contemporary figurative artist working in 3D modelling and exploring the boundaries of technology and art. Their most recent work has been in exploring the nature of Non Binary Transness and their own genders and sexuality. Well known for being a painter of nudes, Rosenbaum has recently undertaken a masters degree and changed focus to more technologically based digital art using physics based rendering, Deep Neural Networks and Unity to develop an Augmented Reality mobile application. Following a car accident that impaired Rosenbaum’s mobility they have turned their mind inwards exploring the nature of humanity, religion and gender through art. The human body has always been a source of fascination in Rosenbaum’s art with a focus on mythical and archaeological stories driving their progress. This fascination has continued with their newest Computer Generated works with a basis in classical art and history.