Urban Oracle v0.2
Medium: RPi, network hacking, divination, web UI/UX

Untether the umbilical - Visit the Urban Oracle, for just a moment. Or as long as you like. Be present, no remote access here. Urban Oracle is not your papa’s information nodule. Zhe is discrete. The Loardz and Laddeez don’t want you to leave . But why not sojourn… a quiet moment to reflect. Orchard Loardz, Numerous Numeral Laddeez, Counts of Countenances, and all those other Juking Dukes will take you back - (don’t) despair they kneeaad you after all.

Take your time... Formulate your questions… and ask. All questions must take the form of a URL, for Universal Resources must be Located. Peh is Urbane and particular. Use your wurdz, string them together, no spaces of course (gaps leave room for daemons, don’t break the circle). End it with a magic word. Seeking your fortune? .biz | Community concerns? .org | Casting wide? .net | media mogul? .tv | Everything is permitted? .com...

Now is time to DIVINE ((((oracle-listening)))
# Urban Oracle is a wifi hotspot, a sacred shrine of divination.
# A contemplation application. hacked together via network pranks, config
# tweaks and sudo shenanigans.

Richie Cyngler is an artist based in Hobart Tasmania, He explores subjectivity, consciousness, and the “human project” through improvised performance, sound and interactivity, engaging with a range of media and technology to do so. He has a solo practice and also frequently collaborates with other artists; using sound, light, open source software, hardware, circuitry, sensors, and space to produce audio-visual experiential performance and installation.

Richie regularly performs and exhibits locally and internationally. His solo practice and collaborative work has been supported by a number of funding bodies, festivals, conferences and exhibitions both nationally and abroad. Selected recent works include; sound and interactive design for Jill Orr’s Listening performance work, the Unconformity, Queenstown Tasmania 2018. Interactive design for Unconscious Collective’s immersive Hypnapod installation, Mona Foma, Launceston & Hobart Tasmania 2018. His own Music for Various Groups of Performers (After Lucier) improvised performance, Microbites for Innovation exhibition, Singapore 2017.

Richie Cyngler Image by Ana Serrano
Urban Oracle v0.2 Image Nancy Mauro-Flude