Timothy Dwyer (VIC)
TITLE: Memory Enemy
Memory Enemy will be a live work developed specifically for VVITCHVVAVE. Using rudimentary 3D scanning technologies, audio recordings, samplers and drum machines, participants will be made into the subject of a fractured and disjointed audio visual piece to be performed live towards the end of the symposium. As a hype detour into meaningless knowledge, the work will attempt to interrogate the nature of “the feed” and the needless information that might flood the scrolling mind.

“OK Google... who am I?”

Tim has been around for more than a decade creating unhinged electronic music and videos for events ranging from storm water drain raves to the Sydney Opera House. From touring internationally with groups such as Senyawa (IND), working solidly as a member of the A/V collective Zonk Vision, and making music videos for musicians such as Lucy Cliché through to Lost Animal... Tim is (for better or worse) also recognised as one of the pioneers of the Internet genre Witch House. caAs a media artist, Dwyer's practice is as diverse and eclectic as the videos and audio he produces. He has presented his work nationally and internationally through solo exhibitions at CCAS, ALASKA Projects, 55 Sydenham in Sydney and the International Symposium of Electronic Arts in Hong Kong 2016. His performances, installations and video works continue to evolve as an alchemical wash of digital distortions, “internet psychosis” and improvisations. He is currently studying a Masters of Animation, Game Design and Interactivity at RMIT.
Timothy Dwyer Memory Enemy Insitu @vvitchvvavve
Timothy Dwyer Memory Enemy Insitu @vvitchvvavve